Our Team

Our Team

Joe Berman – Joe@mediahorse.net

Joe Berman a native of Southern California, began his music career soon after finishing high school by songwriting and playing guitar in numerous Hollywood rock and roll bands. Besides performing, Joe became very active in the local music scene producing demos, booking shows, and helping countless local bands build street awareness through early “guerilla D.I.Y. style” street marketing campaigns. 

In 1993 Joe started his own record label (Smart Recordings) and released a series of compilation CD’s that showcased young and upcoming rock and pop bands. These CD’s featured numerous bands and musicians that over the years have moved on to become top name worldwide recording artists. (Goo Goo Dolls, Fiona Apple, The Ataris, etc)  Though still producing, recording and releasing records in the late 90’s, Joe focused more of his attention on developing young, upcoming artists, and started working with bands and record labels based outside of the US. He then began coordinating independent radio promotion campaigns for these bands and labels to create US attention and awareness for many talented, yet unknown International artists. With phenomenal results through creative radio and marketing campaigns, Joe was able to secure recording contracts for numerous International artists on various major US labels (Sony / Columbia, Epic, Warner, etc.). 

After witnessing a trend shift within the record label landscape in the early 2000’s, Joe shifted his focus to building key relationships within the commercial advertising world.  It was these efforts that ultimately paid off for Joe, as he started securing license deals for a multitude of his represented artists. To this day Joe has helped coordinate and secure license partners for numerous artists, in various television, film, and advertising arrangements (Coca Cola, Apple, Hilton Hotels, Burger King, Honda, Mitsubishi, TGI Fridays, Sprite, ABC, CBS, FOX, HBO, Target, MTV, etc.). Joe most recently held the title of Vice President at Opus 19 Music Publishing overseeing all creative / licensing for the ARC Music (Chess Records) publishing catalogue, which includes copyrights by legendary artists such as Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, John Lee Hooker, and many more.

Joe co-founded MediaHorse in late 2010 with Shauna Krikorian and also continues to consult for various International labels, publishers, and music export offices in regards to artist development by way of creative licensing efforts.  Joe likes Abyssinian cats, grilled cheese sandwiches, 80s metal and shopping for shoes.


Shauna Krikorian – Shauna@mediahorse.net

Shauna Krikorian has been active in music for over 15 years. Her career began while attending the University of Georgia where she worked as a DJ for the college radio station and managed a number of up-and-coming bands in the Athens area. Upon graduating, Shauna moved back to her hometown of Los Angeles and spent the next few years working as a music journalist, interviewing hundreds of independent and major label artists for radio and TV.

Shauna saw her next five years become more immersed in the world of artist management. From 2001 through 2005 she was the day-to-day manager of major label artists Steve Tyrell and Paul Anka.  She oversaw the publicity, licensing, and marketing of Tyrell’s three Columbia Records releases. She managed the marketing campaign, tour, press, radio promotion and licensing for Anka’s record Rock Swings, and she toured extensively with both artists nationally and internationally. During this time, Shauna also worked with Rod Stewart on his Grammy winning record Stardust… the Great American Songbook, Vol. III, as well as other legendary acts such as Carly Simon, Art Garfunkel, Burt Bacharach and Engelbert Humperdinck in many different capacities.

In 2006, seeing a change within the industry, she transitioned into the area of music licensing and publishing. She was named Director of Film and TV Licensing for 615 Music, where she played a pivotal role in the development and marketing of the “Scoring Stage” series, which became widely prominent in the film advertising community. In 2009 she joined Opus 1 Music as VP of Creative Licensing, overseeing a roster of indie artists and library catalogs. In 2010 she co-founded the music marketing/publishing firm MediaHorse. Since its inception, MediaHorse has successfully created and placed music in various TV shows, trailers, promos and advertising campaigns, music supervised numerous projects, and consults for various music publishers, creating and executing non-traditional marketing strategies. She has spoken on panels for South By Southwest, NAAM, Breakout West Conference/Canada, and The Billboard Film and TV Conference.

Shauna enjoys sleeping, playing Yahtzee, vegan cupcakes and Norwegian Black Metal.