Netflix Sweet Tooth Official Trailer Features Paul Oakenfold X Kilanova cover of “Ordinary World”

MediaHorse is thrilled to contribute this epic cover of “Ordinary World” by Paul Oakenfold X Kilanova to this super cool new Netflix trailer for Sweet Tooth. Check it out here –

Kelly Sweet’s Reimagined Cover of “In The Air Tonight” featured in Season 5 of MacGyver

Tune into MacGyver to check out Kelly Sweet’s fabulous reimagined cover of “In The Air Tonight” (Phil Collins) in a feature use! 

MediaHorse Creates Original Music For San Antonio Spurs “Fiesta” Campaign!

MediaHorse is thrilled to create original music for the 2021 San Antonio Spurs “Fiesta Campaign.”  Watch the spot here.

New Global Fitbit Campaign Featuring Music by Brett!

Stoked for our new global Fitbit campaign featuring the throwback sounds of Brett and their song “Golden.”  Watch the spot here.

Future Heroes featured in promo for new Netflix show “Cursed”

Thrilled to have Futures Heroes music featured in latest promo for Netflix’s new hit show “Cursed.”

Main Road Post Features Future Heroes For Online Spot

Check out the latest spot by Main Road Post featuring Future Heroes

New Hulu TV Series The Hardy Boys features music by MediaHorse

Tune into Hulu’s upcoming TV series The Hardy Boys to hear music by MediaHorse.

American Express spot features cover of “Getting To Know You” by Shayna Zaid

American Express UK spot features MediaHorse artist Shayna Zaid and her cover of “Getting To Know You” in their latest Shop Small campaign!

Cox Communications recent spot featuring Miami Young’s song “Everyone Around The World”

New TV and radio spot by Cox Communications features music by MediaHorse artist Miami Young.  

Season 2 of Netflix TV show Insatiable returns this month with new music by Lil Cheesecake

 Season 2 of Insatiable is returning to Netflix this month with two episodes featuring the song “Cardio”by Lil Cheesecake.  Be sure to tune in and take a listen!