Adam Heldring

Stockholm based singer-songwriter Adam Heldring released his two EP’s and debut album ”Mount Foreverest” in quick succession generating wide interest both at home in Sweden and on international ground. 

More than one hundred live shows as well as TV and radio appearances followed in the US, UK, Sweden, Norway and Finland. He was nominated for the Swedish music prize ”Rockbjörnen” and played festivals in New York, Texas and Brighton. His 2010 release ”True North EP” included the indie-hit ”Bear Town” which led to a series of sold out theater shows at the City Theater in his home town Eskilstuna. Soon after, Heldring announced a break from the spotlight and spent months on the move in Los Angeles, Berlin and Paris – constantly writing new music for his second album. 

Upon his return to Sweden, he began the recording process for what has become his sophomore full length album titled “Ports of Call” which was released on May 7, 2021.