Andy Clockwise

Australian import Andy Clockwise blends rock, pop, synth, and punk into his self-described “schizo pop.” He has established himself as one of the must-see live acts in Los Angeles due to his raucous live shows and relentless charisma. What you find in Andy Clockwise is a new kind of artist; unrelenting, prolific, exciting and independent. He first achieved success in Australia with his debut double-album “Classic FM”, released through ABC/Universal in 2006. Critics called the album “thrilling”, “ambitious”, and “unpredictable”. Its success eventually landed him tours with INXS, Hugh Cornwell of The Stranglers, and several other headlining tours. After moving to the States, he made an imprint in the music scene right away. He released two EPs, “Are You Well?” and “The Casanova”. The EPs, along with his now-notorious live shows, have led to much anticipation for his debut LP in the US. He has debuted much of the new material at a handful of sold-out west coast shows, to much accolade. 2010 also saw Clockwise join Strokes front man Julian Casablancas on his first solo tour. After critical acclaim in upon its release in Australia, Clockwise’s new record, “The Socialite” dropped in the U.S. on April 26, 2011. Andy performed, recorded, produced, and mixed the record by himself. “It’s about me trying to find some sort of state of grace in the cult of celebrity”, says Clockwise. Rolling Stone writes, “Clockwise pours everything into his well-honed, life-affirming songs and leaves no stone unturned in his search for musical nirvana”. Following national and international tour dates in support of The Socialite, Clockwise will release a follow-up at year’s end. War Stories “is about the wars we put each other through…a pop musical ode to dysfunctionality.”