With her cool chick vocal and wild look French/Ferryen/Danish/Spanish Aura often have people wondering. But she’s actually from the small Danish rocky Island of Bornholm, trapped in the waters between Southern Sweden, Germany and the Baltic countries. Well, if you ignore the first 7 years of her life that she spent aboard her parent’s boat crossing the oceans of the world. Or the many years she travelled alone in especially Australia.

Aura writes all her music and her lyrics herself. Influences come from the likes of Dolly Parton, Tracy Chapman, Antony (and the Johnsons) and Jeff Buckley.

Aura is involved in everything from art and photo exhibitions to styling and design. On a good day Aura’s spectacular wardrobe could make a Madonna or Gwen Stefani envious. Which seems to be the reason why she steals the spotlight whenever entering a fancy event. Every day is a gift, and you need to live life to it’s fullest for better or for worse.

When Aura enters the stage with her guitar and her songs you easily start thinking Feist meets Tracy Chapman meets Shania Twain meets Gwen Stefani. And you can’t help wondering how much there is inside this 22 year old girl.

"I write about subjects like incest, suicide, prostitution, homosexuality, and what it must be like to have a dick. But also simple love songs and poems. I want to bring it all, no censorship. I’ll "camouflage" it in simple pop melodies and hope that it will reach the masses. I write with humor and irony and with a wish to make a positive difference with my music and my voice, my life, while I’m here."

Aura is a natural on a stage and a star to be. From the stage she hits right in the heart and produces from the beginning an attentive audience. She communicates well with the crowd and tells casually and relaxed about her songs with a humor and a presence that one doesn’t encounter often in other 22 year old girls. "I’m not really completely myself, before I enter the stage."

The debut album "Columbine" sees Kenneth Bager in the executive producer chair, while other exciting names on the producer list reads Thomas Troelsen, Mikkel Hess (Hess Is More), Jazzbox aka Per Ebdrup (Camille Jones’ UK Top 10 hit "Creeps"), Jonas Kragh, British Bird and Sune Joensen. Skilled people indeed.

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