Behold the Brave

behold-the-brave-2Near lakes Chickamauga and Nickajack, by the Tennessee River in the valley between the Appalachians and Cumberland Plateau, lies Chattanooga, where Behold The Brave was born.  â€˜Nooga’ is known best for its contributions to country, jazz, and blues, but has recently budded into a haven for alternative music. The close-knit group of bands who call the town home are often gleaned from surrounding cities, making for diversity in playing styles and creative flow.  Behold the Brave is one of these bands. As the sound is self described to be… sprung out of the mountains of Tennessee, Behold the Brave, want to share their good spirits with anyone willing to listen. They find joy in creating music; music that guides you down an energetic yet relaxing wave of noise; music that evokes a brave & creative new perspective on life.  The band will be touring all winter in support of their self-titled EP due out early 2017.