B.ET.A and the Neon Panthers

Imagine Kate Bush was born in the new millennia, had a good night out with madonna,  and, in a drunken-nay-giddy stupor, they both decided they should extract their lady eggs and put them in the same petri dish as David Bowie’s goodies.  After many months incubating, a little child was born… B.et.a. Alright, maybe B.et.a is not the direct descendant of said artists.  Maybe a distant relative who was an after-thought of weird decisions and centuries of cryonics.  But you get the idea.  B.et.a’s got some fun stuff going on. “B.ET.A. is a standout with her electro-infused dance pop. Her talent and creativity extend far beyond the stereotypical dance pop diva, as well as the image she has created for herself. ” ~The Deli Magazine The daughter of a fighter pilot and Top Gun Instructor (the real-life “Maverick”), she grew up around adventure and the ideals of living your dream.  “I am inspired by ideals of metaphysicality and actual life.  My dad is the most idealistic person in the world.  He taught me to go after my dreams like he did.” So, after four years at Belmont University (where she was recognized by the school and the music business community as one of the top vocalists)  B.et.a started actualizing her dream via Nashville, TN. Fast forward two years,  during which she slept in the same bed as her sister, spent a little too much time street performing in purple spandex in downtown Nashville, a month wandering around in Europe by herself, and a solid 95 days breeding her Neon Panthers, B.et.a finally released her conceptual albumette “Queendom”. The albumette (longer than an EP, shorter than an album) showcases a sound she calls “Epic Poptronic… a mix of live and synthetic instrumentation that capture my [B.et.a’s] love for the melodramatic”.  It’s a sound that threads her massive Kate Bush-esque vocal range and melodies through a fabric of dance beats, analog synth, strings, disco and delicate ballads.   All of which are adorned with her fantastical lyrics and “B.et.a-fied” sensibility. B.et.a is most known in the Nashville community for her glamorized Janis Joplin appearance, 70’s styling, and performances with her Troupe, The Neon Panthers.  The Troupe (also known as “The Beta Troupe” and can consist of band members to admirers) puts on outrageous performances, focusing on “extracting people from the here and now, and transporting them to a place of idealism, actualization, and most of all… fun.” B.et.a and The Neon Panthers continue to  navigate the new-found genre like Lewis and Clark with lipgloss and a weave.
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