Brie Stoner

Brie Stoner was born in Crown Point Indiana to two happy parents, and one mostly happy brother. Six months later, they packed up their belongings and moved to Spain, where Brie spent a happy childhood…traveling through Europe in a blue Volvo with her family. …. Returning to the great Midwest in her early adolescence she one day picked up her father’s guitar and built her first song out of four chords and a general frustration of her transient life. As her songs grew in number, though not always in complexity, she moved with her family to Michigan, finished high school and recorded her first record. From there her early twenties were spent making music with friends David Vandervelde, and the late great Jay Bennett… She wrote and sang and taped and sang, with help from friends and many road trips in a Volvo with her mother through the Midwest patches of soy bean and corn fields, smoking Spirits and listening to her mom’s alto harmony singing. Brie drew from Neil Young, Dylan and Fleetwood Mac, played air guitar to Red House Painters and fell asleep to Hope Sandoval’s lullabies. She read theology, argued with everyone, and drank entirely too much wine. On her most recent release, the Delicate Hour EP, she bridges facets of folk, country, blues, and gypsy-drenched pop into an amalgam that burns with the keen sensitivity of Missy Higgins and the soothing timbres of Tift Merritt. Delicate Hour is a 5-track EP that delves into the private recesses of her soul. The songs are affably groomed and apply different tints of folk such as the bluesy hues of the title track and the countrified chugging of “To Wrestle,” or the smoky gypsy-stylized ripples of “Part-Time Believer.” The softened tendrils of “Edge Of A Broken Heart” convert Vixen’s power rocker into an image of sorrow and vulnerability and give the track a more gentle look. Stoner’s approach to folk music gives it a lift that makes it appealing and versatile.