Flora Cash


We met on SoundCloud in early 2012 (where each of us had been posting music for some time). Our (for lack of a better term) “musical attraction” to one another quickly turned into something more and it wasn’t long before we began a “Skype relationship,” which lasted roughly five months. And by relationship, we really mean “relationship” in the fullest sense of the word… We were on Skype together as often as we possibly could be; morning ’til night and even that… never seemed enough. In June, 2012, Shpresa flew to Cole in Minneapolis, from Stockholm, and stayed until we returned to Sweden in August of the same year. It was in Sweden that Flora Cash; our ‘musical offspring,’ was truly born.

By the end of 2012, we had begun to collaborate with Swedish singer/songwriter and producer Daniel Westerlund/E GONE (formerly of The Goner) and had, with Daniel as our producer- released our “Mighty Fine EP,” which contained, among other tracks: “Mighty Fine” and “Summerset,” and at the same time (to our delight and amazement): had quickly begun to assemble a loyal bunch of listeners in and around Stockholm (and on YouTube where we currently have over 19,000 subscribers.)

While 2012 marked the crucial first steps of our musical journey- 2013 was a particularly big year for us. From several sold out shows in Stockholm to a three-month ‘mini-tour’ of London- (where we lived in a small room just under 2 miles south of Parliament)- 2013 saw us moving around constantly and playing any tavern, pub or venue we could find time for. 2013 also saw the release of an EP, “Made It For You.” The EP features, among others: “Freakin’ Love” and “When You Came (Oh Oh Oh).”

In July of 2013 we moved to Minneapolis where we lived for approximately a year. It was during that year together in the states that we decided to get married, take a road-trip-honeymoon to LA and begin work on the next chapter of Flora Cash.

After moving back to Stockholm in June of 2014, we released the ‘I Will Be There’ EP, four singles (Snow, Lights, Save Me, This Breeze and Shout It Out Loud) and early in 2015 we signed to Stockholm based boutique label: Icons Creating Evil Art.

In February of 2016, we embarked on a roughly month long journey to Los Angeles and New York City to perform, do interviews and film a beautiful music video for our song, ‘Pharaoh’ with the wonderful Mohave Media.

Following the two singles, ‘For Someone’ and ‘Pharaoh,’ we have just released a new mini-LP, ‘Can Summer Love Last Forever,’ which is available on CD and in all digital stores and streaming services.