Future Unlimited

Future Unlimited is a duo from Nashville for whom the particulars of their unusual bond have led them to create a thoroughly studied modern futurist bent on the music they love. For Future Unlimited, the 80’s is not merely a by-gone era; to them, it is a mindset and a structure which makes sense. "It is our inspiration – we live it," says David. "We annoy each other quoting movies from it. And…we know the songs inside and out." David Miller relocated from New York City’s East Village neighborhood to join a band in Nashville. One night, he had an encounter with his downstairs neighbor due to a noise complaint. That encounter would lead to meeting his writing partner in Future Unlimited, Samuel D’Amelio, an up-and-coming DJ in Nashville. Realizing their common interest in classic punk, 80’s no-wave, post-punk and everything in-between, the two ultimately formed a friendship and musical bond that serves as the core influence in their music. Of course, Future Unlimited might have never happened; each of them moved away from Nashville for a couple of years to pursue other interests. But as fate would have it, just as Samuel was moving back to Nashville, he simultaneously received a phone call from David who, by coincidence, found himself also prepared to move back. Within days of being back in town, the two became involved in writing sessions that culminate in the collection of songs on their self-titled debut EP.