Harper and the Moths

What began as a remote recording project between friends in early 2013 has morphed into the Phoenix-based dance rockers Harper and the Moths. Their July 2019 released debut album Dark Enough To Dance, features 12 tracks that deliver glittery, all-night sing-along anthems with infusions of new-wave and post punk.

The first single “Your Love” was written to provide closure to anyone who is at the end of a relationship, struggling to see their inner light.

“I wanted to create a pop song that addresses the audience when they’re feeling like they aren’t enough or don’t have the strength to make a difficult but necessary decision,” says Lines.

“Your Love” was released on June 4th 2019, accompanied by a full interactive 360 degree music video. Shot in two separate takes, the video features several friends & dancers, transporting the viewer through a fully-immersive, changing party scene.