Hooray Matinee

Here are some frequently asked questions about Hooray Matinee:

Q: What is Hooray Matinee?
A: It’s a band, silly.

Q: Who’s in it?
A: It’s a collaboration between Petra Haden and Jim Bianco.

Q: But isn’t Jim Bianco that vulgar guy with the gravely voice who sings suggestive songs about lusting after women?
A: You are adept. But even Jim Bianco knows his manners in the presence of a lady… especially one with such a pretty voice.

Q: Petra does have a pretty voice. Have I heard her before?
A: You may know Petra from her brilliant (ahem) a cappella reinvention of "The Who Sells Out" (Bar None Records), or her melodious incantations in Prius’ "Harmony" campaign, or from her participation in the highly acclaimed punk power-pop band, "That Dog".

Q: But why would a nice girl like Petra involve herself with Jim Bianco?
A: She wouldn’t be the first girl to ask herself that question.

Q: Well what’s the answer?
A: Some might call it "chemistry."

Q: Sounds intriguing. Can I buy the record?
A: What’s a record?

Q: Good point.  Can I buy the songs?
A:  Not yet my friend, but soon…

Enjoy the show…