Katie Goes To Tokyo

Katie goes to Tokyo is Kathrine Bergström, a swedish singer/songwriter with a past in bands like Backfish and The Wilson Hospital. On August 18th 2010 Katie Goes To Tokyo released her new album My Naked Heart. On My Naked Heart Katie takes her sound one step further than on her 2006 debut. This is Katie 2.0. Sparkling electronic sounds, heavier guitars, undeniable hooks, all held together by Katie’s unique vocal delivery. My Naked Heart was recorded in Stockholm, and mixed and mastered in Toronto, Canada.

The first single “Little Sister” was picked up by Swedish Radio immediately on it’s release in March 2010. The poetic dream-esque ballad “Paper Moon” was co-written with Canadian singer/songwriter Hawksley Workman whom Katie met through their mutual producer Mårten Tromm. Kathrine grew up in Skellefteå, Sweden. She moved to Stockholm in 1998 and one year later she met Mårten Tromm when she played with Ken Stringfellow, who produced indie punk pop band Backfish in Linköping. They soon became very good friends and started The Wilson Hospital, who released an album in 2002 in Sweden and Japan.
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