LACESLACES is a DJ / Producer collaborative project from east coast transplant / former pop chanteuse Jessica Poland (previously known as Charlotte Sometimes) While dark, brooding, catchy, and stunning, LACES creates bleeding edge electronic-infused pop music with moody lyrics and a don’t-give-a-damn attitude that aims to engage both artists and consumers in a pop-culture themed, musical movement.
—-“‘Liv It Up’ is a party anthem buried in pulsing rhythm and wild space rock flourishes. Her vocals are sweet but unique, at times taking on Charli XCX-esque inflections that make us eager to hear more from the LA-based artist.”  – Culture Collide

—–“’Love Me Sober’ from LACES is a brutal electronic number, with a good hook and great production perfect for pop!” – NERDY FRAMES (Rating: 5/5)

—-“Hauntingly powerful, while the hook is radio pop to the Ke$ha-infected extreme (but in a killer good way!)” – Buzzfeed (about Love Me Sober)