Luke Tierney

Luke Tierney is a Los Angeles-based songwriter and composer. Since the mid ‘90s he has toured the world as a rock musician with many different groups. His score work began in commercials where his compositions have been utilized by well-known brands including Motorola, Carl’s Jr, and Mattel. A Tierney penned tongue-in-cheek pop song about Paris Hilton became the unofficial theme to the Fox hit series The Simple Life. That ultimately led to his work in film and television. Luke’s music can be heard in a variety of television shows from Ghost Whisperer to Smallville as well as films like Little Man and Hotel For Dogs. Most recently, he composed a six-minute piece of music for a virtual reality ride at Ferrari World Amusement Park in Dubai. He is currently scoring a full-length feature film by Angela Robinson (Herby-Fully Loaded, The L Word, and Hung) called Girl Trash… All Night Long.