Lydmor is, in many ways, the archetypal modern pop phenomenon. The Dane is a singer, songwriter, dancer, producer, writer, performer, and DJ, a true polymath who, like many millennials, sees typical genre boundaries and creative roles as things to be smashed, not respected. Her music is a delicious mix of modern pop, trap beats, and ice cold R&B. Lydmor sings of sex and drugs as much as emotions, and her pulsing beats and hypnotic melodies have seen her tour the globe twice over, performing at some of the biggest festivals in the world. But what’s really won her legions of fans is her brutal honesty – both as a performer and a lyricist – and the way she deals with the many dichotomies we all face in life. Light and dark, love and loss, order and chaos; all of these and more are grist to Lydmor’s mill, spun into powerful, emotional electro pop that engages the heart.

Lydmor’s new album “Capacity” is a musical maze full of alluring mysteries. At the same time, it is part of a process of liberation, which is about opening oneself up and discovering one’s capacity. A contrasting musical work where fiction and reality merge into a multifaceted sound universe. It is the electronic pop artist’s most personal, complex and conceptual album to date.

The remainder of 2021 sees no slowing down for Lydmor, as a full European tour in support of “Capacity” launches this September. In addition, Lydmor has just been tapped to score the soundtrack for the Danish television series Fantomforhold.