Ninet Tayeb

Ninet Tayeb is more than a household name — the acclaimed singer/songwriter/actress is arguably the biggest entertainment figure in her home country of Israel. But the road to her recently released fifth album, “Paper Parachute” (her first US release) has been anything but comfortable and straightforward. Even a cursory listen to these new songs reveals an artist with deep resilience, fierce determination, and disarming vulnerability. Along with an unflinching vision of her own path, those are traits that have allowed Ninet to emerge as the wild and free voice you hear on this record.

Already recognized as one of the most influential musicians in Israel, Ninet was determined to bring her distinctive sound overseas, fusing elements from her wide array of influences which include PJ Harvey, Bjork, and Jeff Buckley. Heralded byNPR, Paste Magazine, Rolling Stone, and many more for her solo performance at SXSW as well as her involvement with Porcupine Tree’s Steven Wilson, Ninet is no stranger to the states and has made L.A. her home.

“Ninet Tayeb is an Israeli singer whose rock star vibes come through both in the studio and her stage show. She has a real stadium presence.” – NPR

“Ninet Tayeb Evolves From ‘Israeli Idol’ Into L.A. Rock Goddess” – Billboard

“…for every head bopper [on Paper Parachute], there is a slower track that puts Ninet’s breathy old-school vocals at the forefront. The combination strikes a great balance which will leave you hooked all the way through the album.” – NYLON