No Sinner

No Sinner, the Vancouver-based rock and roll quartet comprised of Colleen Rennison (vocals), Eric Campbell (guitar) and Ian Browne (drums), come on with smooth, polished, mineral precision—their sound rooted deep in the tradition of honest musicianship—drawing comparisons to a whole range of musicians from Etta James to Eddie Cochran. But to simply compare No Sinner to artists from yesteryear, no matter how talented, would be a disservice to the band. As much of a disservice as lazily conjuring up the miasma of whiskey, cigarettes, and sex and leaving it at that. No Sinner is a tight, pro outfit with currency in all the ways that count.   It is evident that each member in the band has put in the time playing and performing purely because of a love of music. Singer and songwriter Colleen Rennison has ground her voice to a sharp, mean, beautiful edge that can cut you down just as soon as charm you. Eric Campbell prowls the frets with the violence and rage of a young beast in the darkling hours. And Ian Browne drums with the rare, fine precision reserved only for those with a true passion for music backed up by years of jamming, gigging, and touring.   In short, No Sinner matters to music because music matters to them.