Paul Oakenfold X Kilanova

Stemming from a shared passion for cinematic compositions, Rise is a collaboration between legendary DJ and producer Paul Oakenfold and the young talent Kilanova. They came together to work on a number of remixes for Oakenfold’s own work, out of which blossomed a partnership beyond their solo work. Together, Rise evolved into a powerhouse production team, which led to the creation of an EP of cinematic covers of classic songs, to be released in 2021.

Voted ‘World’s Best DJ’ and ‘Best Trance DJ’ on multiple occasions, as well as being named ‘Most Influential DJ of All Time’ by the Evening Standard, Paul Oakenfold is a veteran DJ-producer who has shaped the dance music scene through his own mainstream works and his label Perfecto Records’ support of young, budding talent. His eclectic portfolio has given him opportunities to open for megastars like Madonna and U2, as well as to perform at unique locations such as Base Camp Mount Everest, Stonehenge, The Great Wall of China and Area 51. In addition, he has produced soundtracks and cues for Hollywood blockbuster movies including Swordfish, Collateral, The Bourne Identity, Matrix Reloaded, and Shrek 2. Most recently, he composed the soundtrack and cues for Showtime’s Citizen Bio (out October 30).

Whether it be epic hybrid orchestral pieces or ethereal musical landscapes to support stunning vocals, Kilanova creates music that is emotional, elegant and powerful that resonates deep within the soul. In addition to his work on Oakenfold’s artist album, his credits include cinematic remixes for Grime artists such as Ironik and Scorcher, as well as composing “Zen Buddha” with Aisha Vaughan that landed the official BT Sports promo for Fury v Tyson. He has also worked on custom music for the likes of Pusher and Silo Music that led to even more placements in the pipeline for the foreseeable future.