Sara Sangfelt

Sara Sangfelt

Sara Sangfelt is an incredibly gifted singer from Sweden. Her music a unique blend of indie-pop and epic rock – well crafted songs topped with Sara ́s strong, warm, throaty and heartfelt vocals. She is regarded as one of the most inspiring new female artists to have emerged in recent years and is predicted success around the world. Her musical influences are found among artists such as Amy Winehouse, Adele, Lana Del Rey and Tove Lo.

Sara Sangfelt’s great interest in music started in her early childhood, living in San Diego, United States. Today she is 20, lives in Stockholm and the music has become both her great source of inspiration and life force. For Sara, it is very important to believe in what she sings. She wants to touch others through meaningful lyrics – her lyrics often self-experienced. A large part of her commitment is also spent helping people in need, especially vulnerable children in developing countries. On several occasions she has worked as a volunteer in Ethiopia, where she traveled between various orphanages and schools and sung – spreading a little happiness and joy to those less fortunate.

In Sweden Sara Sangfelt became a familiar face in 2013, when she was kidnapped to the TV show Swedish Idol and went all the way to the finals. The Idol experience taught her a lot, Sara says today. She became more certain of herself as an artist and the genre of music she wanted to do, and she got a lot of experience performing for large audiences and TV cameras.

Sara Sangfelt’s debut EP “Tattoo” will be released October 23, 2015, containing 4 tracks. An album is planned for next year. Sara writes her own music together with songwriters from both Sweden and the US. Her strong, warm and throaty voice speaks directly to the heart when she sings about events from her own life. Large music profiles in Europe and the US have already predicted a great future for Sara, saying she will be the next big star.