Susan Hyatt

marinachavez-susan-hyatt-9654 Susan Hyatt has always been a rule breaker. Like her musical heroes, Susan has flirted with various different musical genres her whole life. She prides herself in taking artistic chances with each recording and has released 7 albums up to date. She’s no one trick pony! She started in LA as the guitarist for seminal all girl garage rock band the Pandoras, then formed punk/grunge band Pillbox in London, She was the lead singer of new wave pop band Stimulator and most recently fronted pop band Sirens of Soho & reunited with 60’s surf pop band 21st Century Pandoras. “I’ve played all the punk rock dive clubs like CBGB, Raji’s & all the beat up clubs in the UK, and I was also fortunate enough to have Duran Duran take my band under their wing and play major arenas like Madison Square Garden.” Susan also has a long history of music placement in TV & Film. Some of her noteworthy placements include her cover of Olivia Newton John’s “Magic” which was the theme song for Macy’s Nationwide TV & Radio Campaign, and her original composition “Calling all my Girls” was the popular theme song for reality star Bethenny Frankel’s syndicated talk show Bethenny on FOX.