The Pusher

This band is four individually different guys – with separate and radically varied backgrounds who share one common goal and vision: a desire to create an eclectic and explosive phenomenon called The Pusher.

The guys met through a Stockholm, Sweden music school and once the universe set the perfect time, the stars and planets aligned – it was clear that this foursome had an incredible energy, chemistry and sense of musical skills, and that this band was their true destiny.

The Pusher is simply awe-inspiring. Lead singer and bass player Jakke an uncommonly charismatic centerpiece, the meticulous and purposeful playing of guitarist Karl, the unwavering abilities of keyboard player John and the close-knit four piece rounded off by drummer Pontus who provide the band with a sturdy and reliable rhythmic sound.

Delivering melodically haunting, rhythmically compelling, and the typical The Pusher trademark of strong hooks, epic melodies and pure perfection production.

It’s difficult to ignore the emotion, passion and sheer brilliance of the band’s material – The Pusher is free to explore the edginess of rock and the melody of pop and surely hit target on a winning streak.

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