The Wake

THE WAKE Album Cover

THE WAKE was conceived by songwriters Matthew Wheatley (guitar) and Aaron Morgan (vocals) in late 2014. Long time friends who have played in the Ohio music scene together for years, the two started writing together late one night in an ally after their bands had shared the stage together. What started as sort of a joke and for fun quickly became real. Little did they know that one show together would later round out their entire new project.

“It was just one of those natural fits for us. Immediate musical chemistry. It’s hard to find that,” Morgan divulges. Writing on and off together for a few months they put together a solid group of songs. Mitch Wyatt (drums) and Aaron Bright (keys) were also playing the same night Wheatley and Morgan decided to start writing, and were added in early 2015. As the result of one show, and 3 different bands, The Wake was born in one night.