True Nord

Born from the popular Danish rock band Nephew, True Nord is the new music project featuring guitarist Kristian Riis and keyboard player Rene Thalund. Looking to explore new sounds and ideas, they hit the road in 2014 armed with a laptop and a USB mic, ultimately leading them from the jungles of Sri Lanka to the townships of South Africa, Los Angeles and Columbia. They wrote and recorded with whoever they met on the road, discovering the eternal moving sound of True Nord. With no strict plan or schedule, their new project became an open sourced endeavour, where influences from outside was a criterion rather than a possibility.

They turned great times into a real product by combining familiar sounds and beats, with local music and culture. Their Nordic electronic background has remained an important ingredient – but with a multitude of new sounds to spice it all up. A slower driving beat has emerged – thoughtful, haunting and hopeful, with guest vocalists adding their own influence. True Nord is the result of endless creativity, hunger and admiration to express emotions on a new, original level. Collaborators include Leah Shapiro from BRMC, Adam Olenius from Shout Out Louds, and Norwegian artist Kate Havnevik.