Producers / Composers

Max Cameron
futureheroes At just 25 years of age, Max Cameron is quickly emerging as one of the most highly sought after trailer composers in the business; his recent successes in TV, film, and advertising are establishing Max as one of the future elite composers in the industry at large. Classically trained on piano at a young age, Max began experimenting with computer music and synthesizers at 12 years old; he fell in love, studying both throughout his youth and ultimately majoring in Composition at CSU. The mash-up, hybrid nature of trailer score was a natural entryway for Max, allowing him to blend his knowledge of traditional composition methods with his passion for modern production techniques. Max’s truly unique, cutting-edge sound has placed him at the forefront of a movement (perhaps creating it altogether) that is causing the norm to evolve once more. Having solidified a presence in trailer music, Max has begun sourcing various independent film projects and is regularly contributing to national TV productions. As a DJ and remixer, Max charts in the top 20 on the Beatport House Charts. If you’re watching TV or films these days, you’ve heard the work of Max Cameron. Recent spots include: Trailers: The Wolverine | 20th Century Fox Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 | Warner Bros. Phantom Tomb Raider #Reborn (Video Game) Robocop | Sony Pictures TV: Defiance | SyFy Sons of Anarchy | FX Portlandia | IFC Commercial Advertising: McDonald’s American Express Comcast Intel Burger King
Luke Tierney
lluketierney Luke Tierney is a Los Angeles-based songwriter and composer. Since the mid ‘90s he has toured the world as a rock musician with many different groups. His score work began in commercials where his compositions have been utilized by well-known brands including Motorola, Carl’s Jr, and Mattel. A Tierney penned tongue-in-cheek pop song about Paris Hilton became the unofficial theme to the Fox hit series The Simple Life. That ultimately led to his work in film and television. Luke’s music can be heard in a variety of television shows from Ghost Whisperer to Smallville as well as films like Little Man and Hotel For Dogs. Most recently, he composed a six-minute piece of music for a virtual reality ride at Ferrari World Amusement Park in Dubai. He is currently scoring a full-length feature film by Angela Robinson (Herby-Fully Loaded, The L Word, and Hung) called Girl Trash… All Night Long.
Jim Bacchi
Jim Bacchi started his recording career working at both Sandbox Studio and Swinghouse Studios in Hollywood, engineering many established, and up and coming artists in Hollywood such as mega-producer Jon Brion, Charlotte Caffey of the Go-Go’s, Sugar Ray, Rickie Lee Jones, Macy Gray, and Rage Against the Machine. The years that followed found Jim cutting his teeth in various rock and pop bands, the most notable being Fuzzbubble, a Beatlesque four-piece which he originally started in New York, as a recording project he worked on while in Recording school. Fuzzbubble ultimately landed a major label deal when rapper/producer Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs discovered them and signed them to Bad Boy/Arista Records. The bad experienced mild success from their work on the Godzilla soundtrack, which landed them a platinum record. In 2001 Jim began recording instrumental music, with the goal of getting into custom and commercial music. Since then, Jim has had numerous placements in network and cable TV, film, DVDs, trailers, and commercials for companies such as Wendys, Guinness, and BMW. Jim has carved out a successful career composing for the TV and film mediums, as well as writing, producing and recording for others.