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“Stay Away”

 Eighteen year old Brit sensation-in-the-making CHARLI XCX releases her brand new release ‘Stay Away’ this summer through forward thinking indie label This is Music. Born and raised in Bishop’s Stortford, Charli has recorded and performed throughout her teens, coming up through the East London warehouse rave scene, but this release marks a musical shift. With inspiration springing from Kate Bush, David LaChapelle, Justice, Patrick Wolf, James Bidgood, Hercules and Love Affair, Charli’s music explores the darker, more emotive and subversive side of pop.


“Panic Of Girls”
Blondie has come a long way from CBGB’s and the Bowery, having sold more than 40 million albums globally and repeatedly reaching the top of the charts over the course of four decades with such hits as "One Way Or Another," "Heart Of Glass," "Rapture" and "Maria". It’s been eight years since the band’s last studio effort, The Curse Of Blondie. Since then, Blondie has continued to be a powerhouse live act, attracting audiences literally around the world, becoming the most successful band to reunite from the class of ’77. On their 2011 release Panic Of Girls, Blondie glances backward but resolutely moves forward, remaining keenly observant of street-level pop culture and continuing to find inspiration in the roiling musical melting pot of New York City. The core trio of vocalist Deborah Harry, guitarist Stein and drummer Clem Burke have embraced younger band-mates, collaborated with up-and-coming producers, and discovered new songwriting partners while never merely chasing trends.



Australia has consistently delivered some of the world’s hottest indie dance, rock, and pop acts of the last decade and their latest export, DAMNDOGS, is no exception. While the Melbourne foursome have only just revealed their sound to the world, the band are no strangers to fans and the industry. Frontman Chris Cester and bass player Mark Wilson make up the rhythm section for Aussie superstars, JET, while longtime friends and collaborators Mitch McIvor and Louis Macklin round out the line up. With few traces of their other band to be found, DAMNDOGS carve out a bombastic warpath to the dancefloor, conjuring images of Gorillaz in a coke-fueled fistfight with the Beastie Boys at a Clash show in one of Andy Warhol’s factories. With dark, infectious hooks and sinister rhythms that give even the most jaded rocker reason to dance, DAMNDOGS are not for the passive listener. The band have just premiered three demos this week, with a surprise personal video message from Cester to JET fans everywhere.
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