Trailer Series

FutureHeroes_HiRez2-489x764Future Heroes is MediaHorse’s music production collective specializing in impactful epic music and orchestral score for all motion picture advertising including theatrical trailers, television commercials and web spots. Since it’s official launch in Spring 2013, music from the series has been featured in numerous film trailers, TV spots and viral campaigns.


X-Men Dark Phoenix – TV Spot Commercial
The Dragon Prince
All Eyez On Me – Official Trailer
CFL Grey Cup Opening
War for the Planet of the Apes – Official Trailer
Marco Polo – Action Trailer
Champions – Official Trailer
Vamps – Official Trailer
Point Break – Official Trailer #2
The Martian “Their Mission” TV Spot
Marvel’s Avengers – Age of Ultron – TV Spot 4
Fantastic Four – Official Trailer
ANT-MAN Extended TV Spot #8
Shadow of Mordor – Game of the Year Edition
The Crossing, Part 1 – Final Trailer
Jupiter Ascending – Trailer
The Amazing Spider Man 2 – TV Trailer
Captain America – The Winter Soldier
The Amazing Spider Man 2 – TV Trailer
Transcendence – Theatrical Trailer
The Good Dinosaur – International Trailer #3
The Hunger Games – ‘Let It Fly’ Trailer
Captain America – Civil War – TV Spot
Ant-Man Official Japanese Trailer #1
The Wolverine – Theatrical Trailer